▲ Permeable Steel Introduction图片关键词图片关键词

Permeable steel is acquired by fine particle stainless steel spherical

powder via high temperature sintering. The interior is evenly with 

tiny venting holes in all directions, and it is also called cellular

material or cellular metal.

▲ Mold Insert with Good Permeability

▲ Metallographic Structure of Permeable Steel (ESEM)

Metallographic structure of cellular metal (ESEM) is randomly

distributed with a large number of three-dimensional interconnected holes.


Hole Diameter in the Interior of Permeable Steel:0.03-0.05mm(Nomal Lead Time)

Hole Diameter in the Interior of Permeable Steel:0.01-0.03mm(The Lead Time is a little Longer)

The hole diameter is irrgular honeycomb shape.



▲ Application of Permeable Steel

 Good air permerbility and clear profile in casting surface.

 The filling resistance and power can be reduced.

 Mold clamping force can be reduced.

 The mold weight can be reduced to only two-thirds of the 

original for material saving.

 To summarize, 3D printing permeable steel can save more

energy and resources because of mold structure being simplified.


▲ Customization of Permeable Steel

Customized design according to customer requirements.

According to part appearance, left 0.8mm margin every side

of permeable steel.

According to air trapping area, combine design regional

permeable steel printing and solid steel printing.

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