Internal appearance of tubular condenser with 87% silica scale.

Prevent Metal Rust

    Mold piping will rust, and gradually the concentration will rise (if you let it go and continue to recycle).

    Rust will be produced everywhere in the cooling water circuit (the set values of flow rate, pressure and cooling temperature will be unstable).

    The defect rate of products increases rapidly, the reason is metal rust!

▲ Prevention and Removal of Silica (Scale)

    After the water channel is blocked, the water flow rate will be reduced, which will affect the mold cooling effect, thus affecting the product quality.

▲ Separation and Discharge of Metal Rust from Cooling Water

    Automatic separation, concentration, discharge rust water, no need to change the filter, filter material, media.

    There is no need for any reverse cleaning and maintenance, and the pressure loss is lower than 0.012mpa.

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