▲ Causes of Waterchannel Blockage

In the process of using traditional waterchannels and 3D printing waterchannels, the waterchannels are blocked due to rust of parts, scale produced by poor water quality or garbage in untreated water.


After the water channel is blocked, the water flow rate will be reduced, which will affect the mold cooling effect, thus affecting the product quality.


Cleaning Principle

The traditional high-speed and high-pressure water vapor mixing technology can automatically control the multi frequency air pressure pulse, and the cleaning liquid can enter the water channel at high speed. The scale and rust in the pipe wall can be stripped off by using the occurrence of (cavitation) blasting phenomenon in the pipeline, and various attachments and corrosion substances in the water path can be washed and maintained.

Benefits of Waterchannel Cleaning

With the increase of cooling flow rate, the cavity temperature is balanced and the yield of products is increased.

The cooling efficiency is improved, the forming cycle is shortened and the production efficiency is improved.

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