Product Name:手机摄像头


Part Weight[克重]:6.5g

Cavity Qty[模穴]:2

System Type[系统类型]:开放式热流道系统

Description 说明:




ANRY develops a multi head structure HRS for small products (each point position can be different). 

This product is one mold with two cavitives, and the runner adopts rheological balancing technique , which ensures that the pressure drop of each nozzle keeps the same, and it is suitable for the small products or compact mould products. 

【The minimum distance between two points of this system product is 15mm, and the maximum distance is 18mm. 】

It is greatly reducing the processing cost and mold cost! 


热嘴发热丝缠绕在本体上,每个点位都是单独控温,温度控制精准 !

The nozzle heating wire is wound on the nozzle body, each point temperature is individually controlled, and the temperature control is accurate!

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